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About us

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you

About Zumrod

We are Zumrod a group of young entrepreneurs from Gaza, Palestine. We think that artists deserve a chance to continue working on their art work and follow their passion, we created Zumrod to be a platform where you can support them and help them gain more income that will keep them focused on creativity and building more amazing designs and art work.

We’ve built this platform to enable more artists from remote areas where its hard for them to make a living from their creative work, so our teams are continuously looking for the artists who create mind blowing pieces and showcase their work here so you can enjoy a unique look for you, your partner, your child, your mobile and your house.

We are working with the best shipping and production option to guarantee the quality and convenience of our services, we welcome your feedback on our process if you think we can do better.

Enjoy our collections and keep coming back more amazing stuff is going to be listed every week.

Lisa John

Fashion Design

Jane Doe


Cartherin Forres

Marketing Director